Shopping Bag made from Upcycled Feed Bag

Do you like to recycle/upcycle? These poly woven feed bags (many different brands/colours/patterns) are sewn into re-usable tote bags. These feed bags are re-purposed into something better than their original use or "upcycled". This keeps these used feed bags out of the land fill. There will be no waste of a usable item with this fashionable useful bag. These bags are very well sewn and will hold a ton (not literally) of weight and are made by some talented and creative women. This particular bag pictured is sewn from a Purina Layena Chicken Feed Bag. We love the size of this bag. This is a perfect for the quick trip the the store. This bag measures 15 inches wide by 13 inches tall by 6 inches deep. the handles have a drop (from the top of the bag to the top of the handles) of 7 inches. This bag has a box sewn bottom so that it can stand up by itself. Two handles. Not all of the bags are exactly the same size but are similar. These are perfect for a trip to the famer's marked or an over-nighter somewhere. Good to use for day trips. You could use it as a book bag, gym bag, beach bag or a bag to take your swim stuff to the pool. These also make very stylish re-usable grocery bags.

Price: C$18.00   Quantity: