Retired pastor Lynn Leach, conduct a 4 hour workshop on FORGIVENESS. Your group may sell tickets to this as a fundraiser -- there is no limit to the number you invite.  We have handouts that we send you so you can print it out for each attendee.  I have a companion book from Lynn's WILDERNESS VOYAGE SERIES that can be purchased for follow up. This work shop can be done in one 4 hour day, two 2 hour days, four 1 hour days.  Cost:  $500.  We appreciate the opportunity to have a table display for our books.


There is a travel fee for anything outside of a 25 radius of the 15067 zip code.  We will travel up to 50 miles and anything additional is charged at $.50 (fifty cents) per mile.  If more than 50 miles away, we ask you pay for travel expenses, and accomodations if needed.


Price: $500.00   Quantity: