Retired pastors Lynn and Norman Leach conduct a 2 hour workshop on the OILS OF THE BIBLE.  Oils are brought so that those who wish to explore and experience the aroma of the healing oils of the bible may do so.   A short Anointing Service is conducted at the end of the workshop for those wishing to experience the laying on of hands with the oils.  The price is $15.00 PER PERSON -- and there must be a minimum of 10 individuals attending.  We can handle up to 20 on our own....but do ask for 1 volunteer per additional 10 attendees to aid in distribution of oils.  We will need 15 minutes before the workshop to instruct any additional aids, and aids are not charged for attending.

There is a travel fee for anything outside of a 25 radius of the 15067 zip code.  We will travel up to 50 miles and anything additional is charged at $.50 (fifty cents) per mile.  If more than 50 miles away, we ask you pay for travel expenses, and accomodations if needed.

Price: $15.00   Quantity: