I will guide you and help you from inception to completion. We do this with several conference calls, texts and emails. You give me the concept, and I will help you with your outline, research and chapter development. You write the chapters, and I will edit, format, design the cover and upload to Create Space and Kindle for you. I will get you set up with all of the distribution channels, and help you set up your Amazon, Create Space and Kindle accounts, along with your Amazon Author Page. Time to complete will depend on how fast you accomplish the assignments I give you...and then allow 3 to 4 weeks for the edits, formatting and upload procedures.

It is possible to do this in as little as 1 weekend.  There are 2 major benefits to being published with your own book:

1.  It lends credibility to you and your work.

2.  It is one of the best kept secrets for lead generation.


Price: $500.00   Quantity: