Retired pastors Norman and Lynn Leach, conduct an 8 hour workshop on SPIRITUAL GIFTS. Your group may sell tickets to this as a fundraiser -- there is no limit to the number you invite.  We have handouts that we send you so you can print it out for each attendee.  I have a companion book from Lynn's WILDERNESS VOYAGE SERIES that can be purchased for follow up.  This work shop can be done in one 8 hour day, two 4 hour days, four 2 hour days, or eight 1 hour days.  Learn how the Body of Christ operates, which spiritual gifts you may have, how to walk  in them and the strenghths and weaknesses of each gift.  (We do not teach the sign gifts of tongues or miracles)  Cost: A free-will offering will be taken to offset the cost of this FREE event.


There is a travel fee for anything outside of a 25 radius of the 15067 zip code.  We will travel up to 25 miles and anything additional is charged at $.50 (fifty cents) per mile.

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